Festive Punch Cocktail Recipe

A festive cocktail on arrival is a sure fire way to impress your party guests this Christmas. With the flavours of summer, an abundance of fresh mint and, of course, a decent splash of vodka, Harvest & Soul - Catering & Event's Festive Summer Punch will delight and refresh your guests.

Fresh mint is the star of the show in our Festive Punch cocktail recipe.


1 Bottle of good quality Prosecco

1 Huge bunch of fresh mint - stems removed, leaves torn by hand

1 Punnet of strawberries - stems removed and quartered

2 Peaches, stone removed and sliced

1 Large bottle dry ginger ale

1/2 Large bottle fresh pineapple juice

1 Passion fruit

Loads of crushed ice

1 Third bottle of good quality Vodka


Large punch bowl & server

Glasses - preferably punch glasses, tumblers or what ever is handy. This cocktail doesn't need a fancy serving glass, the fresh summer flavours will speak for themselves!


1. Crush a half bag of ice and add to your large punch bowl

2. Add sliced strawberries, peaches, torn fresh mint. Scoop out passionate and add to bowl

3. Pour 1 bottle of prosecco over ice and other ingredients, add a good splash of vodka

4. Stir and serve, making sure you get some of the mint, fruit and ice into each glass

5. Enjoy


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