What's Cooking? An Interview With Executive Chef Aman Sharma

The team at Harvest & Soul – Catering & Events love a good party and our experienced Executive Chef, Aman Sharma is no exception.

Executive Chef Aman Sharma enjoys bringing people together with delicious food.

Aman’s vast experience has seen him cooking in hotels, restaurants and venues all over the world. Aman enjoys creating and serving delicious meals to the table for everyone to enjoy and loves the fact that, “food brings everyone together”. We couldn’t agree more!

Aman heads up our kitchen team at Hawthorn Arts Centre and on this week’s blog, we took time out to find out about his exciting career and all time favourite flavours.

How long have you been a Chef and what do you enjoy most about it?

I’ve been a chef for 11 years. I enjoy serving a delicious meal to the table for everyone to enjoy. Food brings everyone together family, friends & even strangers.

What is your food philosophy in a few sentences?

Delicious, tasty, fresh, local products cooked well. It doesn’t have to be art on a plate, as long as the tastes are there and the meal is cooked well what more can you ask for.

What inspires you in the kitchen?

My family always inspires me in the kitchen. Also, fresh ingredients really inspires me - you can’t beat the produce you find in Victoria. The farmers do an amazing job and I'm just lucky to be able to enjoy and work with the most high quality fresh ingredients.

What foods are you craving mostly right now?

I can’t go past my heritage, I lived on curry every day growing up in India and yet I still crave it. I won’t lie though, my wife’s getting over it!

Tell us about your career as a Chef?

I studied commercial cookery when I first moved to Adelaide back in 2007. From there, I worked in cafes until I landed my first Head Chef roll in a popular Greek restaurant, Argos. This was where my passion for cooking took off, it brought me back to growing up with my own family - dining, sharing and enjoying food together. I moved to Melbourne where I worked in restaurants before commencing at The Grand Hyatt where I stayed for many years. It was a fabulous experience cooking alongside passionate Chefs, serving food to all kinds of events (and even some celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres the Indian Prime Minister.

What are your career highlights?

I have to say cooking for Sachin Tendulkar when I was living in Adelaide was probably the highlight of my cooking career to date. What can I say - I love cricket!

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